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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  December 14, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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way was told by neighbors here they're shock bid this. they were some people standing here looking on and shaking their heads in disbelief. they said the people living in this home are renters and they moved in here just about nine months ago and kept to themselves. back to you. >> thank you very much. state lawmakers ordered college officials to explain why campus police used so much force against nonviolent protesters both uc ask california state university. top leaders were called to testify about this incident including pepper spraying peaceful protesters. abc 7's laura anthony joins with us the story. >> hi, cheryl, one thing learned today is that there is no uniform policy with regard to police use of force on campuses. now, after several incidents,
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lawmakers are looking at whether there should be. >> i don't want to see such pain inflicted on our students. >> after scandalous incidents like this one involving police, the university president conceded to lawmakers. sometimes, standard poll skpiz procedures need to be abandoned. >> now, you may not want to move these occupiers out. because it's just too confrontational. sometimes, we just waive rules for a while. >> at uc berkeley police used batons to disperse demonstrators. at uc davis, two police officers sprayed pepper spray in faces of demonstrators blocking a walkway. >> did i ask police to use pepper spray? the answer is no. >> in testimony uc davis chancellor said this video marks the first time she knew her officers possessed pepper spray. >> this is something i did not
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even know they were getting pepper spray in those cans until i saw on the video. >> how do policies need to be rework sod shocking images do not recur? >> these hearings designed to rework policies on the use of police force on uc and cal state university campuses. they're separate from different investigations underway in both uc davis and berkeley incidents including by the state attorney general. the goal here to avoid scenes like this in the future. >> i don't think that our campuses or state are about trying to repress or intimidate a longstanding pillar of our democracy and constitution. >> now, also testifying at the hearing today student leaders despite zpoouted claims of officials that many were not
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students and disputing whether police officers were provoked. president udoff suggested the uc system might be a good place to investigate the affects of pepper spray. at uc davis abc 7 news. >> and angry parents are hoping to recall five school board members voting to close five elementary schools. >> we feel the school board lost a connection to the community. >> and the board meets tonight and a group called concerned parent and community coalition will present hundreds of signatures to launch the recall efforts. the board says several factors played into this decision including dwindling student enrollment and state budget cuts. >> the california has endured unprecedented cuts to school funding here in oakland that meant our budget decreased by a third over the last three years. which is one of the factors
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driving this decision. >> and this is only a first step, signatures will need to be verified beginning to get on to next year's ballot. >> and there is a suspected felon hospitalized after getting into a shootout with police this afternoon. this happened on bush street. police say the driver took off running on to larkin and fired at officers twice. >> i think the officers did a fantastic job again. you know? and the suspect is in custody. >> police have not identified the man but believe he's a wanted parolee. police are looking for a woman who escaped during the shootout. >> police are searching for three men in the fatal shooting of a 19-year-old man.
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and the victim pronounced dead at the scene. police say it's not clear fit was gang or drug-related. this is palo alt ease 8th murder of the year. >> thousands of residents on the peninsula are constantly worried a creek nearby will jump its banks. there is a strategy to get work underway to protect people in the creek that runs from el camino real to 101 to the bay. we're live with the story. >> well, dan, local leader have discovered it will be more effective to tackle this project in stages and that could mean going to the homeowners themselves for financial help. >> this video from the water district is from february,
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1998. the creek overfloat floed doing tens of millions in property damage to palo alto, east palo alto and menlo park. after waiting a decade for federal money, the creek joint powers authority is getting impatient. >> trying to get a solution to the whole creek flooding in the water shed. it's taking forever. and we don't have real progress being made with shovels on the ground. >> one option now being discussed is a bond measure, there will be a special financial district for 5500 parcels near the creek. 3600 are in palo alto. if the district passes a bond measure it would cost about 600ses today $700 a year. >> i'm willing to help. that way, we can fix the creek. and make it happen. that way no, problem in future. >> asking homeowners will be a
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chal wrench but upside is that bond money would eliminate the need for mandatory flood insurance which costs $1300 a year. >> this is better than paying insurance. but i prefer the government pays for it. >> local agencies they hope to get money but are earmarking what they can now to break ground by the end of next year on what is considered critical improvements. >> we began this downstream of 101. and this is the most accuse risk towards east palo alto here. >> the first phase of construction will cost about $26 million. and there is more bond money may be needed to move that
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creek upstream. >> and home sales are creeping up. prices stay low. 6300 homes were sold last month according to data quick that. is up 3% from a year ago. and prices fell bringing a median price to 363,000s oodz fremont's bankrupt solar company has been subpoenaed. this is after receiving a loan guarantee there are warning signs the company was headed to trouble which prompted congressional hearings to see if they received political favor from the obama administration. the president who toured solyndra insists the loan was issued on its merits alone. >> and president obama acknowledged returning troops to fort bragg, north carolina
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today not with final battle but final march home. the president and first lady thanked soldiers for service and applauded what is called extraordinary achievements. >> and your commander in chief on behalf of the grateful nation i'm proud to say these words. i know your family as agree, welcome home. welcome home. >> 5500 troops stationed in iraq return home by the end of the year, ending a nine year long conflict. the president has pledged the u.s. will continue justice in iraq. >> a lot more to bring you. coming up, grinches who stole spirit of the season. >> and the tanker inferno. take a look at this, triggered a big back up on a congested
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freeway. >> the skies looking different from what you're seeing here tomorrow, get umbrellas out. swreel a wet commute on the way. i'll let you know which one coming up. >> and also tonight great news if you're coming into san francisco maybe to do holiday shopping. no more fumbling for coins when you park. the news continues in one minute.
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a tanker closed a southern california freeway in both directions. the big rig caught fire on interstate 60. >> it sent huge plumes of black smoke across the freeway. the california patrol says the driver and passenger did get out safely, no word yet on what cause that had blaze. >> money and a bit of holiday spirit has been stolen from members of a school music band in vallejo. two thieves made off with $700 at franklin middle school. police say the young men snatched the box from a parent collecting money outside of the winter concert. the concert is the biggest fund-raiser held but this band every year. students are deeply disappointed. >> they're steal feeling low.
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they worked hard to put this program on. and knowing it helped raise money, they're feeling down. that a big part was taken from them. >> and administrators say the suspects in this case were captured on surveillance video escaping with two other men. another event scheduled for tomorrow has been cancelled. >> and you know... san francisco is ruling out a high-tech way for drivers to pay parking meters. officials demonstrated a new method that works on parking meter was a special sticker. smart phone users can down load apps to pay the fees. they can call a toll-free number. >> and parking... >> what we want is compliance with parking regular regulations not to catch people in it. we want people to see the meters and obey rule autos so we don't have to give them a ticket.
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>> san francisco is also the first city to implement nfc technology. letting them pay the meter. the app is called pay by phone. >> parking is a problem. the renewal of a tradition that is a program brightening holidays and changes lives every year. abc 7 reports this holiday season is no different for 11 years companies and industries have given away cars to needy people at christmas. >> this has grown. >> there is a coordinated program through mike's auto body began with one car. and there is probably the
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happiest day of my life. >> that the cars look this good are minor mirror cells. each car was totalled at least on paper but recoverable with elbow grease. and donated parts and neighbor. each team chooses it's recipients. >> i think people that don't have vehicle that's can't, you know get around. and i don't. >> a sweet story may have been nansy. her husband spent last year in afghanistan. >> this is my car on the last leg autos she showed emotion when santa arrived. >> i keep doing the best thing i can do.
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and i wear my heart on my sleeve. i'm always there to help everybody else in need. >> now, somebody helped you. >> they d very much so. >> now, when her husband returns home from the war, she'll be picking him up in a new car. >> this is when people think about giving. food banks are grateful to receive. holiday ownations help them. and there is 60% to 65%. and they can turn $1 into $6 worth of food. >> and now, almost half of the folks have someone in the whous a job. >> so this is when my unemployment did run out. >> a owe donation can provide a family with a holiday meal f
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you'd like to help please join us, we'll raise money from food banks throughout the bay area. >> and we're excited about share the holiday. every year so we hope you'll become involved with this. we may have audio difficulties and we're going to proceed as if we're not. in the event you cannot hear us, our apologies we're going to continue to go. it's going out over the air, we're fine. there is an internal problem, but on to weather. >> right. let's find out if it's going to be good weather for the food drive. >> that is the key. we have a little bit of rain. >> we do. it's not a swarm but just going to be quick moving. showers first thing in the morning. >> quickly. winter about a week away. and no major storms are in sight.
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there is a is a spectacular sunset looking west, official sunset is at 4:51. high clouds moving through. another live picture from our camera tonight hear oohs and aaahs. it's gorgeous outside. tomorrow looking different. there is a weak system headed our way. that is going to produce showers for the morning. current temperatures we have owe here in north bay valleys and along the coast. here are the highlights. becoming cloudy overnight. chance of showers in the morning and going to be dry and mild. and there is clouds that start to increase. not as cold as this morning but we're looking at upper 30s and by morning you'll see showers in the north bay. spare the air continues until
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midnight tonight. heading into tomorrow, things are changing. say goodbye to areas of high pressure. here is a cold front we're watching. there is a weak front. and this approaches and then, we'll see rain developing so let me show you a computer animation of clouds going through. heading into early morning showers, showers at 5:00 a.m. you can see part of the bay area is eting wet so give yourself extra time. there is a crisp, cool afternoon, highs into 50s. scattered showers, rainfall ranging from nothing to 15/100ths. it's been a dry december. running well below where we should be. and there is low to mid-50s
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range. sacramento, 44% of normal. and there is just because it's a dry december doesn't mean a dry year, january through march we get most of the rainfall here. there is hope that we'll catch up. heading into winter. high temperatures into 50s tomorrow afternoon and there is 54 in san francisco. mid-50s range san jose and concord, fairfield and oakland. and around the bay temperatures into a narrow range and there are morning showers or two. and going to mostly sunny skies for thursday. taking a look at temperatures heading into friday, saturday and sunday and beyond that. there is comfortable weather
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here, we'll see clouds from time to time heading into early or middle of the week. there are patches of fog here and there. and tomorrow morning it will be patches of fog. >> wiper weather. i like that. >> yes. >> you think 60 is warm. >> i know. really. it's coming up on winter here. >> we're spoiled. >> still ahead, one icon replacing another in a diner. >> time magazine's choice for person of the year. honoring protesters of the world from tahrir square to frank ogawa plaza we'll be right back here.
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a lot of ugs turn to the internet for daily activities but that doesn't mean we always trust what we find. 15% of the users say they find only a small portion of information reliable. the survey found the mistrust is true when it comes to social networks. however, 79% of the users did find reliable content and established media outlets. that percentage mirror what's is found in 2003 when they looked at this question. >> and a local restaurant is paying a suspect tribute to bob hope, unveiling a unique display. it is one of the iconic outfists. the restaurant paid tribute to other entertainers. plan is to set up a museum with movie memorabilia with
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films somehow linked to san francisco. and thanks for the memories, bob hope. >> yes. yes. worth making a trip. >> we'll be right back. blp [ mom ] hey guys. guys... [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls with cinnabon cinnamon
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new at 6:00 homeless for the holidays. veterans evicted from a building due for demolition. why that is happening. and university of california offers hope to middle class families trying to beat the clock in sending kids to college. and what is in your wallet? which cards give us the best benefits. good to know this time of the year. >> and i'll be taking notes on that one. >> world news is coming up next. >> from all of


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